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Monday, October 27, 2014

Our Hypotonia Journey: The People You Will Meet

"And you will meet a whole new group of people you never would have met."    - Emily Perl Kingsley

I met my mom in utero.  My brothers in the hospital's labor and delivery room.  My longest time friend Lauren in our neighborhood.  My best friend Nikki at school.  My husband at a haunted house.   My mom friends on Facebook.  

I pride myself on having a diverse, compassionate, interesting, educated, and humorous support system.  My social circle is the best of the best.  In fact, they are so amazing, that before Ceci was born, my husband and I would often joke  that we didn't really care to meet anyone new because we knew enough awesome people.

But when you become the parent of a child with special needs, your group grows.  You meet people you never would have met before.

As I run down my list of important people, I notice a distinct difference.  Before I was the mom of a child with special needs, my friends came from work and school and mutual friends.  After Ceci was born, many of my important people came from entirely new sources.

Hospitals, hypotonia boards, and therapy sessions.  I meet people I never would have met, and my group grows.

Grocery stores, playgrounds, and play dates.  I meet other special needs moms who I never would have met, and my group grows.

Each of these encounters grows my group more and more.  And because of them, I grow into a better version of me.

They have provided me with advice and encouragement.  And I grow.

They have inspired me and taught me.  And I grow.

They have listened to me and laughed and with me.  And I grow.

They have cried with me and picked me up.  And I grow.

I could not get through our hypotonia journey without these people, so I will be highlighting some of them throughout the next few days and weeks.

Please share their stories.  These are a few of people you will meet on your journey as a parent of a child with special needs.  These are the people who help you grow.


  1. I often wonder how lost and afraid I would feel without modern technology and it's ability to bring people together who maybe wouldn't have found each other. I give you all the credit for introducing me to MILF and showing me that it's not lame or scary to be part of others' lives and share your own. I was so hesitatnt about joining but so thankful for you and opening my eyes to a whole new support system :)

    1. I love to share the good. You better believe if I find something wonderful, I am sharing it with you :)