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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our Hypotonia Journey: 16 Days of Awareness - Weakness

When I first learned that Ceci had low muscle tone, I assumed that meant she was "weak."  However, she proved me wrong time and time again, especially when I would receive reports from daycare about her "beating up" the other babies. 

 I remember a part of me being embarrassed and apologetic, and another part of me being somewhat proud.  MY kiddo -- the one with the low tone, the one who cannot keep up with the other kids her age, the one with a gross motor delay -- was managing to attack typically developing kids.  

Proud.  I was proud.  Because, as silly as it sounds, when your child has low tone and a gross motor delay, you pretty much cope with the idea that she may never walk nor run.  She may never dance nor excel at sports. She may never ride a bike nor do a cartwheel.  There's lots of "nevers" on that list.  And while it may sound petty, the idea of those "nevers" hurt.  

They keep you awake at night.  They have the ability to strike jealousy in your heart.  They are the reason for the many tears you shed.    

So when your kid with low tone beats someone up...a part of you secretly cheers.  Not because she has hurt someone, not  because she has a future in the WWE, but because she has used her strength and determination to prove you wrong.  She has reminded you that there is nothing weak about her.

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