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Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer Learnin -- Day 2

The Toddler -- Ceci worked more with color identification today and gross motor and fine motor skills.  

Materials Needed -- Color Matching Cards, Tape, Toilet Paper Rolls or Cut Up Paper Towel Rolls, Colored Pom-Poms (I got mine from the Dollar Store.)

We started our learning today by playing a color card matching game.  I found some awesome Dora the Explorer cards at the Dollar Store.  I love them because they were only a dollar and they also can be used with my oldest daughter to practice saying a color in Spanish.

With the cards, I asked Ceci to select a color.  Then, together, we searched for objects around the house that had the same color.  We found all sorts of things -- a purple pillow, a pink blanket, a brown shoe.  Although we stayed inside because it was early in the morning, this would be an awesome activity to try outside as well.  

If you want to save a dollar, skip the cards, and show your kiddo a color from the crayon box and find items that match around your house or outside.

After we played our matching game, we moved on to our next activity -- Pom-Poms and Paper Towel Rolls.  For this activity, I cut up a Paper Towel Roll into pieces.  Laila wanted to help, so she color coded each individual paper towel segment.  We then attached them (at alternating heights) to the wall so Ceci could practice reaching high, bending down low and grasping correctly.  Ceci took individual pom-poms and placed them in the color coordinated paper towel holder.  The pink pom-poms in the pink holder, the green through the green holder, etc.

Reflection -- There were lots of laughs and relatively no tears during these activities -- which, if you know toddlers, especially my strong-willed toddler, this was a WIN!  Next time we do the Pom-Pom activity, I will probably incorporate salad tongs for picking up the pom-poms to work even more on those fine motor skills.  For older kids, picking up the pom-poms with chopstick would be fun and a great fine motor activity.
The 1st Grader -- Laila worked diligently on writing a piece based off of one of her Alpha-Genre boxes from yesterday.  The writing is titled "Journey to Jupiter."  Afterwards, she worked on her Read-O card.

Materials Needed -- Alpha-Genre, Notebook, Card (I stole this awesome idea from TwoCanDoIt)

Laila and I have been discussing the process of writing, so after brainstorming ideas using her Alpha-Genre, she created a first draft of her "Journey to Jupiter" writing.  In the following days, we will be studying character, setting, etc. and this will be a great piece for her to add on to revise and edit.  

After drafting, Laila worked independently on her Read-O card.  Once she completes an entire row, she gets a sticker.  Once she has five stickers, she gets a treat!  

Reflection -- I love the card because you can tailor it to your child's reading ability, interests, etc.  It also requires her and me to spend time together reading -- which I think is very important. 


  1. Your girls are gonna be so ready for school in the fall. What a great FUN learning summer they are having!

    1. Thank you soooo much! I figure it keeps from getting rusty as well :)