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Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Learnin -- With Water Balloons

Nothing is better on a hot summer day than......wait for it.....WATER BALLOONS!  

The Toddler -- Ceci's water balloon work focused on color identification.

Materials Needed -- Water Balloons (I bought mine from the dollar store) and Water.  Cards, Towels, Dry Clothes, and Laughter are all optional.

To review our colors, Ceci and I played another game with her color cards.  I laid out the different color cards and asked her to find a specific color.  The game was quick, easy and held her attention.

I spent a good majority of my morning filling up water balloons, so after we finished with our color review, we set outside to play "Color Balloon Pop."  I laid out various basic colors across our yard.  As Ceci went to pop a balloon, we would practice saying the color of the balloon together. 

Reflection -- After awhile, Ceci got the hang of the game and wanted to keep playing and playing and playing.  We will most certainly do this again.

The 1st Grader -- Laila has a list of sight words for the upcoming school year, and I had a whole lot of water balloons that still needed to be used.  I put the two together, and we did "Sight Word Balloon Pop."

Materials Needed -- List of Sight Words (Laila's 1st grade teacher gave us some, although you can find many online), Water Balloons, Sharpie and Water.

Similar to Ceci's activity, I used water balloons to help Laila work on her sight words for 2nd grade. After the water balloons were filled, I dried them off.  Then, I used the Sharpie to write a sight word on the balloon.  Laila and I headed outside.  When she came to a balloon, she had to say the sight word before she popped it.

Reflection -- Just like Ceci, Laila had a blast!  In the future, we plan on doing this with her addition and subtractions facts as well!

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