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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Backyard Water Table

It's funny how the simplest and smallest of items have the ability to, not only conjure up special moments and feelings from the past, but also often serve as reminders of where we have been and where we are going. Everyday items -- like a water table.
I remember setting up this water table just last summer. Ceci struggled with standing for extended periods of time and was unable to walk. I can recall having to prop her against it just so she could play. Her knees buckled out from under her, as her legs wobbled back and forth from exhaustion. I will never forget the hot sun beating down on me as my worries about her future beat down on me even harder.
Despite the extreme effort and the energy it took for her to stand at that water table, she squealed in delight as the cool water splashed against her skin -- reminding me that even during times of struggle, there are moments of joy.
We spent a lot of time at that water table last summer, and it shows the wear and tear of its use. Its once bright yellow has faded under the unforgiving summer sun. The slide and water wheel that used to be attached to it have both disappeared. And yet it still manages to delight my girls a year later.
Ceci has changed so much in a year too -- the water table reminded me of that fact as I got it out today. She stands. She walks. She loves to run, especially away from me at bedtime. And yet she still manages to find joy and laughter in the hardest and the happiest moments of life -- the water table being one of them.
Yes, I find it amusing that the most random and often disregarded items can sometimes hold the most meaning in our lives. Like the water table, they remind me of all the changes we have seen and of all the inches we have traveled in the last year. And the inches -- although simple and small like the water table -- add up to our biggest and best journeys.

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