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Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Snapshot of Progress

This picture, as simple as it may be, means so much to me.  It serves as a reminder of how far Ceci has come.  A snapshot.  A moment in time.  So fast and so fleeting that it can easily go unnoticed.

But to me, it is everything!

There was a time when Ceci wasn't allowed to move up to the toddler room at daycare because, despite her age, she couldn't walk. Her 40% gross motor delay separated her from her peers. She stayed with the babies. She started hittinf and biting.  I knew it was because she was frustrated.

I was frustrated too. My heart broke.  I cried.  I feared that she would have to deal with being left behind her entire life.  Is worried about the toll being isolated from her peers would have on her self esteem, her confidence, her potential.

Now, thanks to EI, she is in the age appropriate classroom. She continues to be able to move up rooms on time.  And, as one can easily see in the picture, that little blondie in the blue shirt, has no problem keeping up with her peers.

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