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Thursday, March 17, 2016

How the IEA/NEA Encouraged Me to Vote for Bernie Sanders

I am a proud IEA/NEA member.  In fact, I come from a long line of Union members: coal miners, electricians and linemen.  I spent my childhood playing in IBEW Union Hall and my summers visiting Mother Jones' Coal Miner's Cemetery.  I read books about child labor laws when I was a preteen, and I never tasted a grape until well into my teen years -- as a result of Cesar Chavez and a grape boycott that existed long before my time.  I grew up in one of the few houses that bought American made only.

I have always been proud of my Union heritage.  Much like my genetic code, it has been embedded into every fiber of my being.  I believe in the power of a group of people who are organized for a greater good.  I was proud to have a union to belong to -- your union.

And then, you called me.

I was actually on the way to participate in the early voting when your call came in. I answered to an automated voice reminding me to vote.  "How nice," I thought.  The voice continued informing me to vote for the IEA/NEA approved candidate, Hillary Clinton.

I'm not wanting to bash Hillary in this post. But, I am bothered by the fact that I pay dues -- pricey dues to you -- and you felt you had the right to call me and and tell me who to vote for. And it wasn't just me.  All of your members received the call.  Maybe because Hillary Clinton is the best candidate.  Possibly because she fed you the right lines about what she will do for education and unions.  I hope -- if elected -- she delivers the promises she made to you.

Your time cpuld

But I can't help but feel dirty after receiving your call -- knowing that the people in power and the people with money will do anything to get their way.  I can't help but feel tired of the same old establishment politics and politicians and political games.  I can't help but question a union that I was once proud to be a part of and their involvement of the aforementioned.

Before  your recorded message finished, I hung up the phone.

I wanted to contact you, but unfortunately, your page only permits a certain number of characters.  So, I did the next best thing:
I walked into my polling place, and I filled in a circle next to Bernie Sander's name.

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