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Thursday, August 3, 2017

In Celebration of Big Sisters

"She thinks you hung the moon," I tell you as she reaches for your hand to cross the street.

"She thinks I what?" you ask.

"Hung the moon. You're the best thing  since sliced bread. The bees knees! 🐝 She thinks your awesome."

"Oh, that's nice," you reply. "I am a pretty great big sister."

And it is true. It is so very nice to mean that much to someone else, and you are a very great big sister, but you are so much more.

You are her happy when she is sad and the comforting hug she needs to keep going.

You are the ready smile and assuring words that encourage her to try something new and master something she never knew she could accomplish.

You are her willing playmate when the other children ignore her on the playground.

You are her voice when others don't understand her, and you are a constant source of love at times when she thinks she is unlovable.

You are her strength when her mind and spirit want to keep up but her body cannot.

You are the finder of things that are still too high up for her to reach and a soft place to land when she is tired.

You are the light that guides her when she is lost and the hand she holds when her feet are on unsteady ground.

You are the keeper of her secrets that she whispers to you at bedtime.

You are her protector when she is scared of monsters under the bed and the first face she sees in the morning light.

You are the calm to her wild and the quiet voice of reason to her spirited soul seeking adventure.

You are the giver of piggyback rides, the cause of belly laughs and the reason she squeals in delight.

You are the peaceful place she can retreat to when the world and the people it in become too much for her to bear.

Dear child, you are so much more than just her big sister.

And I can only imagine how special it must be to be the hanger of the moon for someone who I know means so much to you too.

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