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Friday, October 27, 2017

When All You Can Say As A Parent Is "I Tried"

I Tried...

The time you begged me for bangs and ended up looking like Lloyd Christmas, I tried.

When I got the date and time of your IEP meeting mixed up -- believe it or not -- I tried.

That day you told your teacher you ate a popsicle for breakfast, I tried.  (P.S. It was frozen Greek yogurt with fruit)

Each time you come home with a math worksheet for me to check, and I spend an hour watching YouTube videos for help only to still get the answer wrong, I tried.

When I run here and there to take you to therapy and cheerleading and horseback riding, and you show up with mismatched socks, I am trying.

After doctor's appointments filled with bad news and scary possibilities, I try -- to hide my tears and my fears.

On days when the dishes are piled up and the laundry pile is even higher, and I let them both sit till another day, because I'd rather play with you, I tried.

When I'm too tired to play Barbies or build with Legos, so I let you cuddle with me on the couch instead, I'm trying.

The time you wanted to bake cookies and I put in an extra cup of baking soda instead of sugar, I tried.

The vacation where I packed the entire house but somehow managed to forget your blankie, I tried.

When you ask me to sing along to the radio and I make up the words because I have no clue what they are really saying, I am trying.

Those late night bedtimes when I skipped over sentences in storybooks, so we could both fall asleep at a reasonable hour, I tried.

And I hope you know that -- no matter what -- I tried, and sometimes my "tries" just weren't good enough, and despite that, more times than not, you forgave me.

From watching me, I hope you learn that it's okay to fail. Mistakes are inevitable. Life is messy. But the messes and mistakes are part of the beauty of it all. As long as you tried, I will always be proud.

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