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Friday, December 11, 2015

6 Simple Tips for Fashioning Fabulous Family Holiday Outfits

Gone are the days of completely matching wardrobe in family photos. The same color throughout can be visually unappealing, overwhelming or really quite boring. Variation of colors can bring warmth to a photo that one solid color cannot.

It can be a challenge to find the “right” outfits, especially if you have a large family. To simplify the process, follow these esay steps:

1. Start by picking an accent color and work off of that hue. 
For the holidays, I like to choose any variation of red and use that as the focal color. 

It didn’t take more than 10 minutes to piece together this outfit for all three of us once I chose the accent color. (I also knew I had to rush because my husband LOVES taking photos. Can you sense the sarcasm?) Just look through your closet to see which color would work best and go from there.
2. Avoid too many different patterns. Keep it simple.
3. Keep the location in mind. Indoor versus outdoor. 

4. Avoid characters/logos on shirts. The brain will be drawn to the character versus the overall photo.
5. Don’t forget about complementary colors! Here is a color wheel to show which colors pair best together. Piecing these colors together can help create a more visually appealing photo. 

6. Remember to have fun! Some of the best photos are the ones you aren’t necessarily looking at the camera for. Action shots capture the raw moments of laughter or fun, and you can see the happiness and love shining through the photo. Even with the best outfits on, you won’t get much out of the experience if you’re stressing out or fighting. 

So smile, laugh and be caught up in the moment! The photographer is giving you the gift of a memory, and memories truly are the best gifts life can give us. 

For the month of December, we will be celebrating the holidays with our 12 Days of Christmas. Be sure to check back for a new holiday piece by a new contributor. 

Krista and her husband Casey live in O’Fallon, IL with their 2 year old son Sam. The couple is expecting a baby girl in February 2016. Krista is a Licensed Social Worker and works as a therapist at a private practice.


  1. This family is so cute. Can I hire her to dress my family?

  2. This family is so cute. Can I hire her to dress my family?

  3. They have a Santa hat on their tree. I'd like to see the rest of her Christmas decor. Would she do a post on that?

    1. That would be an awesome topic for a post! I will have to ask her if she would be interested in guest blogging about something of that nature in the future :)

  4. Where did she buy the plaid scarf in the first picture?