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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Strong Women

I was raised by strong women.

Potato peeling,
Corn husking,
Hamburger cooking,
Fish frying,
There are kids starving in some countries,
Clean up your plate.

Dark haired,
Brown eyed,
Curler wearing,
French braiding,
Irish cooking,
German cleaning,
Spanish speaking,
Wanna talk about a melting pot?
Strong women.

I was taught by
God fearing,
Rosary carrying,
Church clothes wearing,
"I'll Fly Away" singing,
Bless me Father for I have sinned.

Tough talking,
Fast walking,
Loud laughing,
Better live life while you can
Strong women.

I was brought up by
Job juggling,
Single mother struggling,
Bill balancing,
Check bouncing,
Self sacrificing,
"We'll cross that bridge when come to it."

Dream reaching,
Risk preaching,
Live life with no regrets,
Forgive but don't forget,
Don't just sit there.
Don't just settle.
There's other tin cans in the junkyard.
Strong women.

I was raised by strong women.