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Monday, July 25, 2016

Pennies and Love Notes

Day #3 of the Love Your Spouse Challenge

In our basement is a giant Gatorade bottle -- classy, right?!  Whenever we find spare change, we throw it in the bottle for a future "couples vacation."  A nickle here.  A penny there. Sometimes quarters. Lots of dimes.  And when I do the laundry, and I find a dollar bill, it goes in the Gatorade bottle too. The coins -- on their own -- are of very little monetary value. But when combined, they add up to quite a lot.

The same can be said for the investments we make in our marriages. Acts of love don't have to be grand to mean something. A small gesture of kindness here.  A simple token there. A hug. A note of appreciation. A special meal. Sometimes they are something as simple as scrawling out a love note on the fridge with magnet letters. While those acts may seem small and insignificant on their own, much like pennies, they too add up to something a great -- a loving marriage.

 Each day, we are surrounded by potential "Penny Acts" in our relationships, but we must make the choice to act upon them, and in doing so, invest in our marriages.


  1. Very sweet Ali. Just like you! You two are very lucky to have each other. Hope your lives are continually showered with pennies!