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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What a Barbie Doll Taught Me About Diversity in Toys

I took C to Target today to pick out a new toy. She absolutely loves to cook and she loves Play-Doh, so this Spaghetti Chef Barbie with Play-Doh was a MUST. As she happily walked away with her new doll, I noticed a Caucasian Spaghetti Chef doll right next to the one we bought. Exact same doll. But this one was not on clearance. Odd.

I looked around quickly and noticed that this seemed to be the case for many dolls with brown skin. Maybe this was some random fluke, but I have a feeling that it wasn't. In fact, the possibility that this could be the norm concerns me.

As parents, we all work hard to teach our children to value themselves as they are, to appreciate the beauty of diversity​, and to respect others. We explain that everyone is different, but our differences don't define us. We emphasize that no color is better than another.

And then stores do this...

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