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Thursday, December 3, 2015

4 Truths Your Photographer Wants You to Know This Holiday Season

We all see beautiful family photos on social media, and we get Christmas card worthy shots in the mail every year. Each image makes you say, “Oh, my! How perfect are they?”  You may even feel a little envious as you think about trying to sit your family in front of a camera for that perfect shot. 

What if I told you I can guarantee that two minutes before that perfect shot, the adorable toddler pictured before you was actually throwing a fit and the sweet baby was screaming? And mom, oh man, she probably could have used a glass of wine! 

There are certain things, as a photographer, I know and wish my clients knew before sitting down in front of my camera.  As I wrap up a busy fall and even more busy "Christmas Mini Sessions" season,I am reminded of these things on almost a daily basis.

Here are a few things every photographer knows and wants you to keep in mind for your family holiday shoot:

1. I promise, I am just as excited as you are, and your session is just as important to me as it is to you.

I am a photographer because it is my passion, and it was my passion long before I decided to build a business. The great thing is, I now get to share my passion with so many people! How awesome is that?! The day I stop getting excited and loving what I do, is the day I stop taking appointments. I want nothing more than to have happy clients -- clients who will come back to me year after year.  I feel blessed to be able to capture milestones and memories for you, and I want you to look at your photos years later and smile -- maybe even remember how much fun we had that day! You are important to me because you are the heart and soul of my business; without my clients, I am taking pictures of sunsets and tractors.  Know your session is the only thing on my mind, and it stays on my mind long after you go home and wait patiently for you photos.

2. Take a deep breath, mamma. All kids are crazy.  

I am a mother, I know that your kid is not going to cooperate the entire time we are shooting. And that is OK! I assure you, it only takes 2.2 seconds for me to get a good shot.  The best thing for you to do is relax, just keep looking at the camera and smiling. I promise I will get your little one to look at me long enough to get that perfect shot.  Trust me. If you are tense and worried, neither of us will be happy with the outcome of the photo shoot. The same applies to that furry family member; you look at me, and I’ll get the dog to not look like a misbehaved nut. I know when we all need a break and that provides a perfect opportunity for me to snap those candid shots we all love. Let them run. Let them play. Let them be themselves. You will thank me when you see your beautiful child’s personality shine in that photo.

3. I will spend hours obsessing over your session. Literally.

Post processing is a time consuming task. When I sit down to edit your session, I relive the entire shoot, photo by photo. I sit and stare at your photos until my eyes go wonky. I take a break, and I keep going. In my eyes, your pictures have to be perfect. There are no short cuts, no easy way to provide my best work to you. I was only made aware of how consuming this task is when I started my photography venture. I, like many of you, have sat impatiently waiting for my photos to be done. At times, I even got annoyed with how long it seemed to be taking, Little did I know that as I was obsessing over wanting to see my photos, my photographer was obsessing over making sure they were perfect. As a photographer, my work does not stop when we part ways at your session. I will put in hours upon hours on your photographs. I will give up time with my family to ensure the memories I have captured for you are beautiful.

4. I am anxiously waiting to hear from you after you see the final photographs.

Seriously, it consumes me. I am so excited when I finish a session in its entirety. I am holding my breath hoping you will love them. When I hear back from a client after they have viewed their session, it makes my day! I am in love with what I do, I take pride in my work, and when you take the time to tell me you love them, I jump for joy. My heart smiles when I see my work on your social media and see your friends commenting on what a beautiful family you have, because I think you are beautiful too!

Getting professional photos done is fun! We laugh, we joke, and I capture amazing memories for you and your family to cherish for years to come. This year, when it is time for your annual holiday photos, take a deep breath, relax, enjoy the process. Maybe have a glass of wine! And while you are at, will you bring me a glass too?!

For the month of December, we will be celebrating the holidays with our 12 Days of Christmas. Be sure to check back for a new holiday piece by a new contributor. 

Danielle Buss is a farmer's wife, 
stay at home mom and photographer.
Her work can be found at: 

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