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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 Pictures That Sum Up Motherhood

Every year around Christmas time, I like to look through old pictures and videos.  I pull out baby photos and reminisce about bringing both of my girls home from the hospital for the first time.  I laugh along as I listen to the audio of their first giggles.  I tear up when I watch the videos of them taking their first steps.  It's an all around sentimental time.

Luckily -- or maybe not so luckily for some -- Facebook has a nifty feature that allows you to look back on your past memories.  I like this for a couple reasons:

1.  I'm lazy and this saves me time
2.  See number 1

Yesterday, as I was taking a proverbial stroll down "Facebook Memory Lane," I realized that I could easily sum up the lessons I have learned this year about Motherhood in 5 simple pictures -- courtesy of my children of course.

1.  Silence Can Be Peaceful

Or slightly worriesome as a parent. Whenever the kids are quiet for too long, there's bound to be some sort of chaos unfolding.  A sprained ankle.  A half devoured crayon.  And a partially flushed Barbie Doll in the toilet.  All the result of my seemingly well-behaved and silent children. Although unusual silence ignites a worry like no other in me, the fact that my toddler covered her baby doll's mouth with a maxi pad is slightly more concerning.  Cause, you know, "Maxi Pads, For Those Moments When Silence Truly is Golden." Stay Free, there's your next slogan.

2.  Messes Are Unavoidable

And that's OK.  Life is full of messy moments, but the great thing about messes is that with a little bit of determination and a whole lot of hard work, they can be cleaned up.  And normally, we learn from them.

Except when we don't.  But, eventually -- with some time and some patience -- we all learn not to hand a toddler an open container of puffs after recently vacuuming the rug.  

3.  Gift Receiving Will Never Be the Same

I've come to expect the standard handmade card and breakfast in bed each Mother's Day, but motherhood is all about expecting the a toilet seat for Mother's Day.  I'll let that sink in for a moment.  Yep, I got a toilet seat as my Mother's Day gift. I can only assume they thought I looked uncomfortable on the past toilet seat and figured I needed something new. They would know, since I never get a moment alone in the bathroom.

4.  Take a Back Seat

Don't fool yourself into believing you have complete control over everything and everyone -- including your kids. Notice who is holding the keys in the picture.  That's right.  Not me. She's driving my Motherhood Journey.  I'm just along for the ride. Instead of trying to control it, embrace flexibility and enjoy the scenery.

5.  Don't Lose Your Head

This is easier said than done. As fast paced and action packed as life is with young kids, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  Take a deep breath.  Relinquish the need for control. And enjoy just a little bit of silence on your new toilet seat.  

Here's to a New Year of Motherhood! Happy 2016!

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